Vimeo gets a redesign with a cleaner, more focused look

Vimeo gets a redesign with a cleaner, more focused look

Vimeo is today launching “Project Aurelia,” also known as a redesign, which gives the website a clean new look.

The new design brings a much bigger focus on the video, with less distractions on video pages, with a much larger player taking up a big portion of the screen. Not only does it look beautiful, but it’s also continuing the current trend of simplified designs instead of visually-noisy designs, such as the recent YouTube redesign which made the website more busy than simple.

There is also a new +video tag which appears on every page. This is a quick menu which shows related videos, recently viewed, videos you’ve tagged to watch later and your feed, the feed being similar to YouTube’s subscriptions.

There are also more goodies in the new design, such as bulk uploads, and you can sign up to the preview right here. Unfortunately you’re going to have to wait a few weeks before they start sending invites to the new-look site.

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