ViewSonic to bring out new 120Hz 3D desktop monitor

ViewSonic to bring out new 120Hz 3D desktop monitor


CES 2009 : So, apparently the latest thing for LCD monitors is to try making a 3D monitor for gamers who would like to see their graphics literally pop out of the monitor with the 3D glasses. And ViewSonic is no different, as it has announced the VX2265wm.

The 22-inch monitor has a frame rate of 120Hz, which is essentially similar to “flicker-free” televisions, and more than the usual rates of 50Hz or 60Hz (depending on your location) on traditional monitors. And while it most likely to produce 2D gaming and graphic applications, it can also produce 3D graphics on more than 350 existing game titles if you have the new NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision glasses.

According to ViewSonic, the monitor is said to have a HD resolution of 1680 x 1050, a 2ms video response time, built-in HDCP support, and also has been certified to work with Windows Vista. It also has SRS WOW HD sound technology, with speakers invisible to the eye.

It is expected to arrive sometime this month at a cost of US$399.

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