Video-on-demand service EzyFlix launches today

Video-on-demand service EzyFlix launches today

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The owners of EzyDVD, Access Digital Entertainment, have launched their new video-on-demand venture EzyFlix. It is essentially the local iTunes equivalent – letting customers rent and buy movies and TV shows. However, you’re not locked into any ecosystem as you can watch them on any device you choose.

EzyFlix has partnered up with 20th Century Fox, NBCUniversal, Paramount Pictures, Roadshow Films, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, The Walt Disney Company and Warner Bros in order to provide content; and will also offer Ultraviolet support – meaning that you can add the digital copy of the film to your library if you have purchased it on DVD (depends on DVD, of course).

“We are also the first provider to retail UltraViolet (UV), a cloud-based digital rights system which offers people a digital ‘locker’ and gives them the ability to share purchased UV content with up to five friends for free,” CEO Craig White said.

It’s obviously competing against iTunes. Customers can rent or purchase movies; however, renting and purchasing prices vary movie to movie. We’ve seen new release titles having rental prices of $5.99 for SD, and $6.99 for HD; and older titles for $3.99 and $4.99. You can also purchase TV shows; and while there isn’t a season pass available yet (they’re working on it), you can purchase individual episodes of TV shows for $2.99 – the same price as what they are on iTunes.

EzyFlix, however, has the benefit that you can watch it on almost every major platform. You can watch the movies and TV shows online via its website; or, alternatively, on your desktop or mobile device with its iOS and Android applications (Windows Phone, you missed again).

While it is early days, their library isn’t that vast as iTunes – it only has 2000 titles at launch (that is expected to grow, however). The TV side of things, while it has all of the big shows like Revenge and Justified, does have some missing content. For instance, the Breaking Bad‘s final season (the last eight episodes) is not available on EzyFlix.

However, with the season pass option (which is coming soon), they plan to make sure the episode is available after broadcast – but that is probably dependent on rights restrictions.

You can access the service via its website –

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