VIDEO: iPad in Apple Store jailbroken

VIDEO: iPad in Apple Store jailbroken

Tempted to jailbreak one of those Apple devices in the Apple Store? Well, you’re not alone if you have been following some of our editors’ Twitter feeds. However, there’s a video now circulating that Apple isn’t entirely restrictive with one person successfully able to jailbreak one of the iPads in the Apple Store.

The video, comes from a reader on 9to5Mac, shows one person able to successfully use the web-based jailbreak method on an iPad, and opening Cydia.

The iPad isn’t the usual stock-standard iPads, but the “Smart Sign” – the iPad that features the price and spells out the features of the product in question. However, they are typically locked down – except for a secret gesture hidden somewhere that will close the application and allow you to use the default apps, say for example Safari.

You can see the video below.

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