Viber app description: "We created this app to spy on you"

Viber app description: "We created this app to spy on you"

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Remnants of the widely-reported hack by the Syrian Electronic Army, or just some disgruntled employee in Viber leaving his mark? We’re not entirely sure. All we know is that the description of the Viber app should not be that.

Spotted by our fellow editor Chris Southcott (he should be writing this, but he’s sort of busy at the moment), the Viber description on the iOS app says, “We created this app to spy on you, PLEASE DOWNLOAD IT!”.

And it appears to just be only the iOS app – all the other descriptions for the Viber app on Google Play, Windows Phone Marketplace and BlackBerry World appear to have not been changed.

Viber has not issued a response at the time of writing.

Still, it’s f**king hilarious.

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