Use your smartphone to control Arcade Fire's new surreal music video

Use your smartphone to control Arcade Fire's new surreal music video


Canadian indie band Arcade Fire released their brand new single today, titled Reflektor. However, instead of simply just releasing the music video and the MP3 on the iTunes Store, the band has partnered up with Google to produce another interactive video called Just a Reflektor – and this time, you control the various elements through your smartphone or tablet.

Using your computer’s webcam, it will track the movements of your smartphone or tablet and uses that information to control the effects on screen. I should point out that in order to take advantage of this (because it is Google after all) you will need to be using Google Chrome on your desktop, and must have an Android or iOS device (sorry Windows Phone users).

Of course, if you fear the Google machine or don’t have a webcam, then you can do the same things by moving your mouse.

Arcade Fire has done this before, producing similar ones for songs Neon Bible and We Used to Wait – the latter also produced with Google and integrated Google Maps. However, this time Google has also detailed the technologies used to produce the interactive video and have a behind-the-scenes video on how it was produced.

If you don’t want to play with the surreal graphics, then you can watch the equally-surreal music video below.

via Pitchfork

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