Upcoming Games for the new Playstation portable console + Android phones

Upcoming Games for the new Playstation portable console + Android phones

At Sony’s Playstation conference, Sony has revealed new games coming for their new console, the codename ‘Next Generation Portable’ or NGP for short.  The games revealed at the conference range from action to shooters genres.

The games that were shown were Cool Boarders 2, Killzone, Reality Fighters, Uncharted, Little Deviants, LittleBigPlanet, Hot Shots Golf, Monster Hunter Third, Lost Planet 2, Yakuza, Dynasty Warriors, Metal Gear Solid, Dungeon Defenders, and Call of Duty.

The game Cool Boarders 2 was an original game that was released on the PSP by now is going to be on all Android system via the new Playstation Suite.  The game shows the controls of the PSP on the touchscreen of the Android phone screen.

The game Uncharted showed the uses of the touchscreen.  The demo showed that the touchscreen could be use to move the main character, Nathan Drake around the game.  By drawing a line instead of using the control pad will move Nathan around, and by touching a position on the screen will move Nathan.

Little Deviants shows how the player can use the rear touchpad to move characters based on the corresponding position of the character from the screen.

Hot Shots Golf is an app available on the NGP that uses the gyroscope and the accelerometer.  The use of the gyroscope allows the player to a 360 view of the scenery through the eyes of the avatar.  The accelerometer is use to measure the speed of the swing of the golfclub.

Most of the other games shown at the conference were trailers. The trailer of the upcoming games were using the same graphics as the PS3.  Also for all you Call of Duty fan, they was no trailer for the upcoming game.

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