Ubuntu TV Prototype revealed

Ubuntu TV Prototype revealed

The new Ubuntu TV design concept, previously hinted via the Canonical blog and BBC News, has now been shown at their CES booth, the first time that Canonical has had a booth.

As seen in the above screenshot, the smart television concept design is very Unity-esque, Unity being the new UI introduced with Ubuntu 11.04. But it’s still heavily customised to suit the TV format. Included is a movie, music and TV store as well as a YouTube application.

Canonical sees itself as a “neutral player” in terms of competing with Google and Apple, with no “walled-garden” marketplace or lock on software. It’s also completely free for manufacturers.

While only one TV is on display at CES, Canonical expects more to become available in late 2012, but whether that is US specific or whether it extends to other countries is yet to be revealed.

We’ll have more localization details as they come to hand and will reach out to Canonical for information. More screenshots below.

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