Uber partners with TripGo to seamlessly connect public transport

Uber partners with TripGo to seamlessly connect public transport


Uber has today announced that it will partner with the public transport app TripGo, allowing users to seamlessly travel on public transport with Uber acting as a way to get to or from their local train, buss or tram stop.

TripGo will be given access to Uber’s real-time ridesharing data and will let you request a ride without leaving the app.

According to Uber, the trip is in recognition that many Uber trips start or end within 200 metres of a public transport hub.

“Aligning ridesharing with public transport systems is one of the smartest ways to help people move around the city without the need for costly infrastructure developments or owning a personal vehicle,” David Rohrsheim, the General Manager for Uber in Australia and New Zealand, said in a statement.

“Enabling users to book their trip from start to finish in one app brings us closer to providing true mobility as a service (MaaS). It also gives users more flexibility to adapt to changing plans, traffic situations etc. as they can manage and update their trip directly within the TripGo app,” added Claus von Hessberg, the CEO and fonder of TripGo.

This service will be available in seven cities: Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Newcastle, Perth, and the Sunshine Coast.

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