Twitter releases new design, more customisable

Twitter releases new design, more customisable

Twitter, the popular microblogging site (which has an account up to allow you to follow the news), has released a brand new redesign, with new tools that allow you to customise your profile and a brand new profile design – which includes a sidebar.


What’s interesting from the new design is that the sidebar now show you your timeline, unlike the previous design which saw them as tabs. As well, the brand new thing is that at the top of the sidebar shows how many updates you made, how many followers and how many friends.

It is also a bit faster than before, and now adds more AJAX features as well, but uses less bandwidth to deliver the page. That is a good thing, and it may help the constant problems that Twitter was facing a couple of months back.

What’s also interesting is that the is a brand new design tools, which also includes themes and a colour wheel – which is a big change whereas before you had to type in the hex colour code, which many people don’t know. Also, the design is reflected in real time, meaning you can see it before applying it. You can see an example below.


Other than that, it is just a design change; and there is no major new features on the new redesign. But you may never know, they might add their Twitter Search (also known as Summize) to the profile pages soon.

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