Twitter To Be Shut Down By May 1

Twitter To Be Shut Down By May 1

This isn’t an error. Twitter today announced that by May 1, the famous, worldwide service will have been shut down. This move has come after a string of reports claiming that Twitter has become to powerful for its own good. The reports claim that Twitter has been able to control everything in peoples lifes from what they wear, to what they want to call their child.

In response to these reports, Twitter has announced the closing of their service, used by billions every day. In the statement, Twitter confirmed the early reports saying

We know we have become to powerful. Having this much power is not good. To prevent our service from turning into a mainstream version of Anonymous, we are closing our doors.

Some, especially avid Twitter addicts, have shunned the decision, claiming that Twitter’s executives have all the money they want so they no longer care about Twitter and also do not want to lose their, rather large, fortune. Others have said that they think Twitter has done this as a preventative measure to ensure Twitter does not die following the likes of My______ (MySpace) or soon to be dead, Facebook.

There are rumors that people are starting to organise “Occupy Twitter” protests, on Twitter. They will only last so long.

One can only wonder if, in the post-Twitter world, will people move to a competitive service like Heello or will another service rise into place. We shall see. If you want to find us, here is a link to our Google+ account.

Note: It’s 12pm – meaning that April Fools foolery has come to an end. And thankfully, Twitter isn’t shutting its doors.

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