Twitch is to launch a data centre in Sydney to improve video quality

Twitch is to launch a data centre in Sydney to improve video quality


Twitch watchers will be pleased with the news coming from Twitch from this year’s PAX Australia. The live streaming website has announced that it will open a data centre in Sydney, which they say will improve how people watch Twitch in Australia.

“It’s no secret that the quality of service with internet in Australia is not as good as it could be,” Chase, the PR director at Twitch, told TechGeek. “We’re bringing new infrastructure to Australia, so the quality of service will noticeably be improved.”

Twitch says that the servers will be installed this week and should be fully operational by the end of November. Marcus Graham, the director of programming at Twitch, has also confirmed at its Town Hall event on Friday that they plan to work with local ISPs to further improve the quality of service and provide a better experience on the site.

The data centre launch is part of a series of moves by Twitch to better support their Australian and New Zealand community. Twitch has also announced they plan to hire local partnership representatives to bring in more local talent and assist existing partners in Australia and New Zealand. They also announced plans to improve advertising and sales in the region so broadcasters could potentially transition into broadcasting full-time.

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