TweetDeck updates with brand new design

TweetDeck updates with brand new design

Twitter app TweetDeck has released a brand new update that pretty much offers a brand new user interface. Cleaner, and clearer, the update now also introduces a “light theme” which offers dark text on a light background (previously, it was only the reverse).

TweetDeck now also offers a selection three font sizes – small, medium or large. And that’s pretty much it for this update. The app update also offers improved details on a link, and a new profile design that includes the profile header images – which were previously available on the Web and Chrome app (and the official mobile apps); and also using actions onany tweet.

The new update also makes it easier to edit your Twitter lists – something which you could do in previous versions, but only if you know where to look. It is now on the header, making it more accessible.

It is already available on the web app. For Windows users, you’ll just need to open and close the app to activate auto-update; while the updated Mac app would be in the App Store. Chrome users will just need to restart Chrome.

via TweetDeck blog

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