Tweetbot outs pirates by naming and shaming themselves

Tweetbot outs pirates by naming and shaming themselves

tweetbot_piratedTweetBot is probably the most popular and the best third-party twitter application on iOS and OS X. However, it appears some think the price tag (AU$2.99 for iOS and AU $20.99 for OS X) is a little too high for such a great application. So, Tapbots (the developers of the application) have decided to bite back at the users pirating their application. The pirated copies of Tweetbot will automatically fill the compose field on the application with the following:

I’ve been demoing a pirated copy of @tweetbot and really like it so I’m going to buy a copy!

The funny thing is, the user can simply delete the text from the compose field and replace it with their own text, however, some people are silly enough to post that out (and probably not noticing). A quick search on Twitter shows that a surprisingly large number of users are posting out this message. The question is: Why are people doing that? In response to that, Tweetbot’s developer says stupidity.

This is most likely being done to get the pirates to pay for the app and not waste the precious Twitter token limit.

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