Tumblr will be down on October 7 at 6pm

Tumblr will be down on October 7 at 6pm

Tumblr – the home of pretty much Doctor Who and Sherlock GIFs, among other things (some good, some… not so good) – is going down on October 6 at 4am New York time – or 6pm, October 7 for those in the eastern part of Australia. Don’t panic, it’s not forever. It’s just a couple of hours because its upgrading its infrastructure.

Vice President of Engineering, Blake Matheny, wrote on a message posted on the site, “Performance and reliability [on Tumblr] have improved hugely, but we have more to do.”

“We are now ready to complete the last major step in upgrading our infrastructure. Unfortunately, it has one very uncomfortable side-effect: all traffic to blogs and the Dashboard will be suspended during the operation — returning a simple “we’ll be right back” message.”

So, if you were planning to spend your hours browsing Tumblr on a Sunday night (you can apparently do that) – well, you’re out of luck.

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