Top Trending apps which are worth your money

Top Trending apps which are worth your money

We come across a plethora of apps on our Android and iOS App stores offering multiple functions and easing our work. There are indeed many applications that are open source and free for everyone to use. But there are many exclusive apps that either need subscription or up gradation by paying for it giving you a chance to explore more premium and exclusive interface options. 

In this article, we will explore which apps are better to spend money and get out the best from it:

1. Nova Launcher Prime

The idea of attractive interface works well when it comes to application. We all want a smooth UI interface with easy functions that can be customized according to our taste. We usually have to deal with company UI. Therefore Nova Launcher Pro paid version, which will cost you only $4.99 gives you the benefit of adding multiple gesture functions and custom icon swipes along with the ability to hide apps as well. Nova launcher currently ranks number 1 amongst another launcher when it comes to launcher and UI.

Nova Launcher Prime

2. Spotify

Spotify is an exclusive music streaming app with more than 159 million active users all around the world in 70 countries. Spotify offers a free ad-supported version that you can avail, but for extra benefits and functions like the offline song, playing can only be availed in the pro version.

Spotify does not only have a beautiful UI, but it has a library of more than 35 million songs right in one app. This is an offer you can’t refuse it only cost $9.99 per month.

3. Netflix

Netflix is the most trending and amount of top-notch video streaming website. It has released many blockbuster films and tv shows which are taking over the entertainment industry.

Netflix is a video-on-demand app which is mostly used by mobile users to stream their favourite shows and movies according to their preferred genres. This makes it the all-time best video streaming application with millions of active users. You can subscribe only at $10.99 a month to this amazing application.

4. Pocket Casts

If you are a podcast lover and want to listen to a podcast routinely, then Pocket Cast is arguably the best podcast player you can buy for as low as $3.99.

This app has a special feature which allows you to toggle between video and audio podcast. Discover podcast with filters and much more options.

5. MX Player Pro

It’s a fact that we are almost tired of the basic android video player with little to none options. The New Mx player has been occupying as the top spot for an android video player for a long time, but its free version comes with an ad-supported feature. Therefore the MX player pro with its ad-free vision and supports almost all video formats with the extra options of adding subtitles and accelerations like HW and SW. You can easily avail this only on $5.99.

6. Manual Camera

As usual, the android camera doesn’t fully stand up to its mark and always need a third-party app to improve its lenses. Hence the new Manual camera app is a simplified version of a DSLR camera with less but especially important features making it one of the best-paid smartphone camera app. This offer comes at only $2.99.

7. Unified Remote Full

In this digital era, it is safe to say that we don’t need different types of equipment for simple functions like controlling your TV or IR remote-controlled equipment. Instead, you can use your smartphone to do that for you. 

There is an exclusive app called the Unified Remote Full which allows you to control your Windows PC, Mac, Linux computer for presentation or screen monitoring, all this only available on $3.99.

Unified Remote Full​

8. Last Pass Premium

We often forget our passwords and find ourselves in trouble when we have to log in to our accounts for important reasons. In this age where you can’t keep track of how many things one has subscribed and remembered the passwords can be a drag. Therefore Last pass app allows you to manage your passwords in a simple but secure fashion. It only charges $12/year and also includes finger authentication.

Last Pass

9. Moon Reader Pro

This is a unique reading app if you want to view files on your mobile with ease. It supports multiple formats and provides an attractive UI. It is designed for book readers who read a lot and don’t want to get bored from reading. It brings features like highlighting, night mode and multiple themes. All this for only $4.99.

Moon Reader

There are a variety of apps that can be on that list for top paid apps, but it depends on individual preference. So far, the apps mentioned above belong from different operation features ranging from productivity, utility to entertainment.

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