Top 5 Games to get for Christmas (Part One)

Top 5 Games to get for Christmas (Part One)

As its the final week of Christmas, expect to see some huge bargains coming out for stores in order to get you to buy last minute gifts. Of course, one of these would be the games – and I have created this super list of the top five games for the next-gen console (except for the PC) should get as a gift.

I should note, this is not in order of preference or whether one is better than the other, because I don’t want angry fanboys sending me emails. So, here’s the list.

Also note: we did not choose any Kinect or PlayStation Move games, as there are currently not many available.


5) Gran Turismo 5

Five years in the makings and boy it was worth it. The graphics of Gran Turismo 5 are just amazing. The game includes over 1,000 different cars with the inclusion of karts, NASCAR and WRC vehicles.  And for all you fan of the show Top Gear the game includes the Test Track so the players can experience to bends and turns of the track.

4) Heavy Rain

Released early this year, Heavy Rain combines quick time actions, breathtaking graphics and a wonderful plot into a game. With the inclusion of the PlayStation Move patch, the player is able to immerse themselves into the actions involved in the game to truly experience the wonders of the game.  The plot of the game involves four different characters all focused on one thing: to find the Origami Killer, a killer who abduct children and drowns them within a time frame.

3) Call of Duty: Black Ops

With the some what success of Call of Duty: World at War, Treyarch have moved from World War II to the Cold War.  With the inclusion of warped depiction based on various real life events during the time frame, the players are able to experience most of the events first hand.  Treyarch have included one of their Call of Duty trademarks in this game: Zombies.  In Dead Ops, the player is able to play as a historical figure during the Cold War in the level ‘Five’ and fight off zombies.

2) God of War III

Thought learning about the Greek Gods were boring? Well God of War is back with another sequel, God of War III.  Continuing with the war against the Gods and as well former allies the Titans, Kratos the main character must continue his path to defeat the Greek God, Zeus.  With the outstanding graphics and quick time actions, the fast pace nature of the game will incapture the player’s heart.

1) Red Dead Redemption

If you thought John Wayne’s western films were good, Red Dead Redemption is a whole lot better. The graphics and storyline of the game is just flawless.  The story of the game is that the player plays as John Marston and how he must undo the events of his past.  With the edition of the latest DLC, Undead Nightmare, the player is able to shoot zombies along side with an amazing story.

XBOX 360

5) Fable III

A game for all types of people: vegans, animal lovers (sort of), and people with a good or bad conscious. Fable III‘s environment is completely different from the previous games, taking the player through an industrial era.  The plot of the game is how the player must become ruler of their country by overthrowing their brother (What great family love) via the help of the player’s friends and a reliable dog companion.  The game includes character morphing, like previous games, depending on the player’s actions.

4) Fallout: New Vegas

Looks like Vegas could not be destroyed by a nuclear war.  Fallout: New Vegas is set in New Vegas and a bit of its surrounding areas.  Just like the previous games in the series, this game is set in a post-apocalyptic/nuclear war Earth which mutants and humans wage war among themselves.  The plot is how a courier delivers a pokerchip and loses it and how the player must reclaim it by forming factions among the citizens of New Vegas.

This game, unlike others, includes a Hardcore Mode. In Hardcore Mode, the player must act like how a person must survive in the real world, by eating, drinking, sleeping and so on; as well as carrying ammunition slows the player down.

3)  Mass Effect 2

If you enjoyed the first game, you will enjoy this game.  Mass Effect 2 allows the player to import their save file from the first game to allow the player’s character to change job class and to be at a higher starting level.  The storyline is that how Commander Shepard must save humanity from an alien race.

2) Red Dead Redemption

A little bit biased, but the XBOX 360 version is just awesome, and as such, I’m just repeating the PS3 explanation: If you thought John Wayne’s western films were good, Red Dead Redemption is a whole lot better. The graphics and storyline of the game is just flawless.  The story of the game is that the player plays as John Marston and how he must undo the events of his past.  With the edition of the latest DLC, Undead Nightmare, the player is able to shoot zombies along side with an amazing story.

1)  Halo: Reach

Nothing like ending a trilogy of Halo with the introduction of the prequel of the trilogy.  Halo: Reach has outdone Halo 3 in terms of graphics, plot, and gameplay. Like the other games in the Halo series, this game is no exception: just to wage war against aliens called the Covenant for humanity’s sake. With the inclusion of jetpacks, new abilities, and as well as combat in space this game is probably the game to get for Christmas.

Nintendo Wii

5) GoldenEye 007

Thought that one of the earliest first-person shooters was great, well the re-make is better. GoldenEye 007 is a complete re-make of the original Nintendo 64 game of the same name but with new features.  Firstly, the game now includes online multiplayer. Another change is that the Bond figure is now the more recent Bond, Daniel Craig. The minor changes to the original are slight and the player will experience a nostalgic feeling.

4) Monster Hunter Tri

Always wanted to hunt? Well this game have got you covered. Monster Hunter Tri involves the player to hunt monsters within a time frame by using tools and weapons.

The includes an online mode which allows up to four players to hunt together. With the graphics and the well known gameplay this series has, the player will have many hours of fun.

3) Epic Mickey

Disney has actually made a good game, like OMG! (I mean finally) Epic Mickey tells how Mickey Mouse is captured by his psychotic ‘brother’ Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and must save the world created by Yen Sid via paint tools. The game combines both a sandbox game with a role playing game and a bit of 2D side scroller.  With the ability to draw to create objects and as well as remove objects with paint thinner, you can filful your heart’s contents.

2) Metroid: Other M

Samus is back with a brand new attitude. Metroid: Other M allows the player to play in two different modes: first and third person shooter. By pointing the Wii Remote towards the screen the game shifts to first person shooter mode, while holding the Wii Remote horizontally, the game is play in third person. Other than shifting from first to third person views, this game now includes melee combat. Fans will enjoy this game and the newly added features.

1) Super Mario Galaxy 2

The plumber is back in space (and not cleaning space ‘waste’). The story line is the same as the other Mario game: save Princess Peach from Bowser (times like these I wonder how she doesn’t have bodyguards around her). Anyways moving on, many of the power-ups from the first games makes a return along with new ones, such as smashing through boulders. Many well known characters appear alongside Mario, such as Yoshi, who will assist Mario on some levels. With the unpedictible natures of the levels along with the superb graphics, this game one of the games to get from Christmas.

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