Top 5 Games for Christmas (Part Two)

Top 5 Games for Christmas (Part Two)

We covered the consoles in part one, but what about the portables? So here is the second part of our list of games you should consider when buying a game for the Nintendo DS or the PlayStation Portable for that special person, family member or co-worker.

Don’t forget, you have less than a week to get these games! So you probably should start going in stores to get them to take advantage of last minute sales!

Again, these are not in order of preference – just to appease the fanboys.

Nintendo DS

5) Final Fantasy The 4 Heroes Of Light

Yet another Final Fantasy game and this one is not a failure *cough* Final Fantasy XIII *cough*.  Well in brief, the story is how the player must save a princess and their hometown.  Just like many of the Final Fantasy games before, this game does include a class system in the form of crowns. The gameplay is like many games before, random monster encounters and a giant overworld map. If you are a player that enjoy the Final Fantasy series this is the game for you.

4) Super Scribblenauts

Nothing like using your vocabulary to solve puzzles.  Super Scribblenauts had improved from the first game by introduce new puzzles and introducing adjectives into the game’s dictionary.  With the addition of adjectives, the player is able to use oxymorons like jumbo shrimp.  The goal of each level in the game is to obtain a item called a ‘Starite’ by using your vocabulary skills.  Like the previous game, this game includes a level editor game which the player can design their own level.  With the unlimited nature of the player’s mind, this game is sure to unload many hours of fun.

3) Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver

Ten years since the original games were first released to the world, and a lot has changed.  The gameplay is the same as all the other games, but it comes with additional functions.  With the increase of number of Pokémon since the original, many new Pokémon will appear in familiar areas.  Aside from the new gameplay like Pokémon following you; the game comes with a pedometer which allows the player to transfer their Pokémon and travel like a real Pokémon Master (what the gayest thing I said in this whole article).  The feeling of nostalgic will make players of the original enjoy the game(s).

2) Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies

Yet another Dragon Quest game, and like all of them they get better and better.  Dragon Quest IX tells the story how an angel-like person fall from the sky and become human and must return to this civilisation in the sky. The combat system combines first and third person views within a turn based system: planning actions in first, combat in third.  Along with the many hours of initial story, the game offers much most hours worth of side-quest which the player will enjoy.

1) Professor Layton and the Lost Future

The Professor is back with a new adventure.  Professor Layton and the Lost Future offers the same type of gameplay that the other games of the series had: puzzles.  The story is how the professor and his assistant travels through time and must return to their time by solving puzzles along the way.  With more than 150 new puzzles in the game and a breathe taking storyline, this game is one of the best game released this year.

PlayStation Portable

5) God of War: Ghost of Sparta

Firstly let’s begin with “THIS IS SPARTA“.  Now with that out of my systems, let’s move on.  God of War: Ghost of Sparta tells the story that which Kratos, the protagonist, is haunted by his parts and decides to explore his origins.  With the similar gameplay known in all the God of War series: quick time events and third person actions, this game will be appreciated by beloved fans.

4) Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

Finally a Kingdom Hearts game without playing as Sora, expect for 385/2 Days.  Anyways let’s move on, the game is the prologue of the first game of the Kingdom Hearts series, set ten years before the first one.  The game features three different campaign modes, each focusing on a particular protagonist.The main storyline of the game is different to each protagonist, however each of them reachs the same ending.  As with any Kingdom Hearts games, the game includes various Final Fantasy characters and as well as Disney’s.  With the different campaign storyline included in the game, and as well as multiplayer, this game is one of the games to get for Christmas.

3) Valkyria Chronicles II

Valkyria Chronicles II follows the events that occurs after the first game, which a rebel army is formed and students in a military academy must fight against them.  For you many who enjoyed the first game, many of the gameplay is back, such as BLiTZ (Battle of Live Tactial Zones) which allows the player to view the battle in an overview maps while zooming in on individual units to control them.  With this game being a tactical role-player game, this game is sure to appeal to many gamers.

2) Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable

Just another remake one might think, but this game is more than a re-make, more like an enhanced version.  This version, unlike the original, allows the player to choose their character’s gender instead of playing as a male.  Alongside with the selection of gender, the game has now include two new difficulty levels. The story is the same as the original – the player must live a normal life during the day and fight shadow-like creatures during the night.  Despite being a remake, the game includes many aspects included in the later games, such as control of all characters in combat, guarding and sacrificing an ally’s life to protect the main character during combat.  Needless to say, this game would be a great game for Christmas.

1) Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

This latest release for the Metal Gear series has had high appraisal around the world, making this game top to get for this Christmas.  The player of the game plays as Naked Snake, and the story is set after the game Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.  The plot is that the player must uncover the secrets of a group that threatens the power between East and West.  The game includes a co-op missions with allows two players to complete, while allowing four players to complete boss missions.

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