Tonor rescues online meetings and podcasts with their TC-777 microphone

Tonor rescues online meetings and podcasts with their TC-777 microphone

In the current world, everything is virtual, and it’s our new way of life. The requires us getting up to speed with our tech accessories, importantly a microphone. Let me introduce you to the TC-777 from Tonor.

The TONOR TC-777 is best described as the best choice for an entry-level desktop mic. With a high cost-performance, and complete accessories, its what you’ve been waiting for. The ideal person for this must-have device is for gamers, and live broadcasters, however, it’s also suitable for home use, especially in your home office for Zoom meetings!

The Pros

The TC-777 Mic comes with a lot to love.

  • Complete accessories: tripod, shock mount, pop filter, and more. You don’t need to go purchase additional accessories.
  • Great sound quality, perfect for daily use
  • Compact size and beautifully designed
  • Affordable – only $39 for your whole setup
  • Great compatibility, plug and play. It supports Window, Mac, and even your PlayStation!

The Cons

There isn’t too many bad things to put out on this one.

  • The cable length is 1.5 meters, not terrible, but the extra length would be handy
  • Tripod stands on the table, making it difficult to pull the microphone closer

Wrapping up

If you don’t have a mic yet, and you’re needing an entry-level go to, you’ve found your calling. You can grab it now on Amazon. It comes with a Microphone, Foldable Mic Tripod, Mini Shock Mount, Pop Filter, and all your extra bits (such as a manual – but you probably won’t need it, this is so easy to use!)

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