Tip: Get the new look Google Bar now

Tip: Get the new look Google Bar now

As announced a couple of days ago, Google has begun rolling out a new bar for switching between services to replace the old black bar. But who wants to wait for a slow trickle of new features to reach you when you can get the new bar right now? Here’s how to do it, thanks to Google+ user .

1) Firstly download Edit This Cookie for Google Chrome (sorry to users of other browsers) from here.

2) Go to google.com.au and then right click anywhere on the page. Select Edit Cookies from the drop down menu.

3) Select the PREF cookie and then in the spot called “Value” replace the code with:


4) Now we’re almost done. All you need to do now is save the settings by clicking “Submit Cookie Changes” at the bottom of the page.

5) Now go to any big Google service and you’ll see the new bar.

I personally don’t like the bar as much as I liked the old bar, but Google is going to force it on all users so you might as well get it now and start getting used to it.

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