Throwback: Fable

Throwback: Fable

Very few early games on the original Xbox gave us the kind of freedom that one game did, and that game’s name was: Fable. While Fable tapered off a bit as far as its franchise is concerned, there was just something that made the original Fable so amazing and one we would definitely love to see come back into our lives in a rebooted form (as long as they do it right!) Let’s take a throwback look at what made Fable so memorable.

The Easter Eggs In Fable

There were plenty of Easter eggs across all the Fable games, but none more than the original Fable. For example, there was a reference to the 1999 movie: Fight Club. When you’re looking at a trophy earned after encountering the Knothole Glade Fist Fighters Gang, you see the words “Punch Club. There Are Only Two Rules In Punch Club. Rule #1: Never Talk About Punch Club. Rule #2: No Pets.” There were also references to everything from The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy To Superman. Not surprisingly, the Superman Easter egg was found in the Heroe’s Guild.

The Aesthetic At The Time Was Comforting

Before Fable 2 decided to run off and try to modernize the world of Fable a little bit, there was something so enchanting about its medieval feel while still making you feel like you’re playing through a folklore book. It was a fantasy-adventure game set in a very fantasy version of medieval Europe.

It was like playing a somewhat cartoony version of the Lord of The Rings series. While it’s okay that Fable 2 and 3 tried evolving the world of Albion by showing how much time progressed between games, you just can’t ignore the traditional fantasy setting of the original Fable.

Every Decision You Made Meant Something

Every action you make affects your alignment, and ultimately, how your character looks. You can either choose to be good or you can choose to be evil. Obviously, in order to be seen as good, you would need to rescue villagers or kill monsters in the world. However, it was hard not to dive into evil by killing innocent people or breaking laws.

You could also do the ultimate evil of eating a live baby chick. You can slo affect how your character looks as far as weight is concerned. You could eat a lot to make your character fat. Wearing bright clothes also changed what people thought of you. For an early Xbox title, there was a lot of ambition when it came to the alignment system in Fable and it paid off nicely.

The Story Was Amazing

Right off the bat, you really get connected with the story by watching your entire family get slaughtered. Every major point in the story allows you to make decisions on whether or not you want to spare someone’s life or murder someone. For example, after participating in the Arena, you face off against your childhood friend Whisper and have the choice of whether or not you want to kill her or spare her. In the ultimate act of “wtf”, the final choice is whether you want to keep an uber-powerful sword in exchange for murdering your own sister. If you do choose the sword, you’re pretty much destined to look like a demon for a while. However, there is a way to get your alignment back into good standing, but it just takes a lot of grinding away at skeletons and other monsters to prove to people that you’re not that terrible of a person.

Fable will always be a nostalgic part of our young lives. The rest of the Fables brought the series to irrelevance, but we’re hoping the rumors of Fable 4 are true and that it can go back to its roots a bit without furthering devolving the series into garbage.


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