Three things to do before you give a tech gift! [Holiday Tip]

Three things to do before you give a tech gift! [Holiday Tip]

In the years when we gave books and clothing, you simply had to wrap it in wrapping paper and hand it off. Unfortunately, for tech gifts, there are some things that need to be considered when giving the gift. It is a depressing sight to see the recipient unable to show their thanks by actually not using the device – the very device you probably spent over $150 on.

Well, have no fear. We have provided the three key things you should provide before handing off the gift, so that you can see that smile when the recipient uses the device. It does also help if you are the host of the party.

1: Batteries and Power

If you happen to give a tech gift that has a battery, then you should probably give the person some batteries. Why? A lot of the time, people would love to use their gift when opened. If the product happens to use external batteries, then make sure you provide the right batteries and do include them with the present, or place them on a table somewhere where. Just make sure you have plenty of them!

However, it does become a bit tricky when the battery is internal. You have two options: open the gift and recharge it somewhere. If it is for a family member or loved one, that solution might not work and you would have to use the other alternative: get an extension cord and/or powerboard and allow the recipient to connect the charger to the powerboard and start using it from there.

If you do get a powerboard, make sure it has surge protection and also try and find a powerboard with space that has some space for some of the bigger plugs.

Hopefully, the batteries on the device are charged. Therefore, you don’t have to go through those steps.

2: Initial Connectivity!

This is a must with devices such as the iPod touch or devices that rely on the Internet. And you should have the Internet hooked up and ready to go so the person can connect to the Internet and start using it.

You have two options: hook the internet up to the device via a cable, or provide it via Wi-Fi. If you choose the wireless route and your router supports having a guest Wi-Fi network, then use that option (you might have to refer to your user guide to set it up).

If not, then:

  • If you have it protected, we suggest you change the password to a temporary password and write it down and place it on a table or something so guests can use the internet in order to play around with their tech gifts. However, do make sure you change it back. If not, then you could remove the password lock for a day – though be warned that other people will be able to connect to your network outside the house.
  • If you don’t have your internet connection protected, your job is already done. However, I want to add this thing in: YOU SHOULD PROTECT YOUR NETWORK!!! If you can’t do it, read the user guide. If you can’t understand it, get someone else to do it.

If you choose the wired approach, then make sure your router is in a distance that a cable can reach. You can get Ethernet cables for one, two, five, ten and twenty metres. If you are looking for them, then they would also be called CAT-5 or RJ45 cables. Also, make sure you have plenty of cables if you expect a lot of tech gifts, and make sure you have enough ports. If not, then you should really look at the wireless approach (see above).

3: Give them some money/credit, too.

This really only applies to game consoles and the iPod/iPhone and iPad. But you really should give them an iTunes Gift Card or some credit so they can actually go and purchase stuff from the console’s own download store or from the iTunes Store, allowing them to fully immerse themselves with the device or console.

In the case of Xbox 360, you might also have to get an Xbox Live Gold pass as well, as download content seems to be mostly available to these subscribers.

This is a must if the gift if the person is a child or teenager, as you wouldn’t expect their parent is going to offer their credit card and let the child purchase a massive amount of content. So, providing them some credit not only gives them a head start but also shows them that you have to be wise with your credits.

Hopefully, the three tips do provide some help as the boundaries on tech gift giving. Enjoy your Christmas and Holidays!

Images from: allerleirau/Flickr; moria/Flickr; DeclanTM/Flickr; Bryan Gosline/Flickr

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