This Weekly Recap - Week Ending 23 July 2011

This Weekly Recap - Week Ending 23 July 2011

This Weekly Recap is your quick-pace summary on the articles on, with a little bit extra from our minds of our editors. This week saw the launch of the new Macs and a brand new Mac OS X version, some brand new gadgets to drool over and we have an R18+ rating. Thank God for that.


Newspaper scandal widens with claims malware used to hack computers – More allegations are coming forward in the aftermath of the widely-publicised phone hacking scandal with people, such as former Prime Minister Gordon Brown, coming forward accusing newspapers of attempting to hack into victims’ computers via malware.

Police arrest former NotW editor Rebekah Brooks over phone hacking – Rebekah Brooks, 43, the former CEO of News International – News Corporation’s subsidiary in the United Kingdom – has been reportedly been arrested by the police in response to phone hacking allegations under her former paper where she was editor, News of the World.

R18+ rating faces roadblock from NSW, SA to change its classification laws – The New South Wales and South Australian Governments are in the news because of their decisions in relation to the debate on the R18+ rating, with NSW saying that it will not vote for an R18+ rating while SA are planning to introduce the rating as a replacement of the MA15+ rating.

Lenovo launches three tablets – IdeaPad Tablet K1, P1 and ThinkPad Tablet – Lenovo is bringing out three new tablets this year – the IdeaPad Tablet K1, IdeaPad Tablet P1 and ThinkPad Tablet – all running Android 3.1 and all trying to compete against the onslaught of other Android tablets and the popular Apple iPad 2.

Lion out and MacBook killed off as Apple Store updated – Apple is now selling the latest edition of the Mac OS X – version 10.7, or dubbed “Lion” – on its App Store. However, at the same time, Apple has quietly killed off the polycarbonate MacBook from its lineup, making the MacBook Air the cheapest MacBook sold by Apple.

MacBook Air updated – Cheaper, Thunderbolt and Core i5/i7 – The MacBook Air has been updated as part of the wider store refresh, and now comes with some updated specifications, Thunderbolt support and with a new low price that makes it now the entry-level notebook for its MacBook line.

Apple updates Mac Mini – adds Thunderbolt, new Radeon graphics – In addition to Apple updating the MacBook Air in an overall refresh of the Apple Store, the company has also updated its low-end Mac Mini, giving it updated specifications, a new graphics card and Thunderbolt support.

Can’t get Mac OS X Lion? Get it on a USB – Can’t seem to download OS X Lion? Will it quickly drain up your internet cap, or do you have a crap internet connection? Well, Apple has noticed your cries and has provided a solution for you to still get your Lion goodies – via a USB.

OS X Lion downloaded 1 Million times in the first day – The new version of Apple’s operating system, Mac OS X Lion, has had 1 Million downloads in the first day of being released. This record is Apple’s fastest download record in the company’s history.

SUCCESS: Australia finally gets an R18+ rating for video games – The attorneys-general from the states and territories, in addition to their federal counterpart, have now agreed to create an adult classification rating for video games sold in Australia, finally aligning the system with its other Western counterparts.

ComicCon 2011: Halo Anniversary Campaign Demo Trailer – Only a few more months until Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary hits the stores, and in about a month, more news on Halo: Anniversary and Halo 4 will be released at HaloFest at PAX Prime 2011. A demo trailer of the Halo: CEA campaign was shown at this year’s ComicCon, and from what we know, 343 Industries are yet to announce more features other than the campaign.

LulzSec and Anonymous: “We are not scared any more” of FBI – Anonymous and LulzSec – who recently re-emerged after their 50-day campaign of hacking – has issued a statement addressed to the FBI and international law enforcement agencies, responding to an NPR article on the recent arrests of alleged members of the group.

Windows Phone 7 apps now cheaper in Australia – Good news for Windows Phone 7 users. The apps on the Marketplace are now cheaper and almost on par with US pricing. This update comes after Apple’s decision to change their pricing also, so a bit of competition is in the air.

Tips, Reviews and Features

OPINION: Making MacBook Air the “entry-level” Mac is a big mistake – Thin and Beautiful. Apple’s MacBook Air recently got an upgrade that saw it finally get some much decent specs – such as an Intel Core i5/i7 Sandy Bridge processor and an updated integrated graphics card. However, doing that saw the axing of the MacBook. And in my view, making this as their “entry-level” Mac, or in fact notebook, is a big mistake.

OPINION: How I managed to piss off Nokia fanboys with a single comment – I have managed to create some sort of uproar among the Nokia fanboys. Why? How? Huh? Yes, your fellow executive editor has basically made them upset over a little comment in a video I posted about the Nokia N9 and its new operating system MeeGo.

VIDEO: First Look on Nokia N9 – In this new edition of First Look,’s Executive Editor Terence Huynh shows you the new and much-hyped Nokia N9 and its brand new, gesture-based MeeGo operating system. But is it an improvement from Symbian? Even better, is it a worthy competitor with Google Android and Windows Phone 7?

VIDEO: First Look on the AVerMedia DarkCrystal Capture Card – In this edition of First Look, Stewart Wilson’s Senior Editor, takes a first look at the AVerMedia DarkCrystal Capture Card. This capture card allows you to import 1080i video onto your computer aand also provide tools to edit it.

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