Nokia WP7 phone leaked out - codename "Sea Ray"

Nokia WP7 phone leaked out - codename "Sea Ray"

Here’s what you’ve been waiting for, the first Nokia Windows Phone-powered smartphone. Codenamed ‘Sea Ray’. Now, this wasn’t leaked the normal way by spies or bent employees – Nokia’s CEO, Stephen Elop, revealed the product to a crowd of developers.

Although the crowd were told to “put away their cameras” in order to show them the “super confidential” product, in traditional internet blogging fashion, people kept filming and the footage has emerged on a Hungarian technology blog. Yes, you heard that right, Hungary.

We don’t know much at this stage, however, it has Gorilla Glass, a camera, running Mango and looks the same as the new Nokia N9. Check out the YouTube video after the break.

Update: Full press conference can be seen below.

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