Think the iPad is demonic? Introducing the 'Edifi', a tablet for Christians

Think the iPad is demonic? Introducing the 'Edifi', a tablet for Christians

Some of you may have already heard about this, many may not. This tablet is underpowered, cheap and probably not for you – but that hasn’t stopped one store. Introducing the Edifi, the first tablet targeted for Christians who think the iPad is just so unwholesome for their little children to be growing up with the demonic Angry Birds.

Exclusively sold at a store called Family Christian – you can tell by their name what religious affiliation they belong to – the tablet has a 7-inch display that features a 480×800 screen resolution and with a resistive touchscreen (because God doesn’t like capacitive), 512MB of RAM and 8GB of storage. You do get 27 different translations of the Bible, four books included with their own reader, access to Christian radio and a stand. It is an Android tablet, just running Gingerbread.

All this for the low price of US$149. Though while its cheap, it sounds horrible. Spend $50 more and you’ll get a much better tablet, the Amazon Kindle Fire – which will most likely not make you scream.

Talking to Fox News, Family Christian’s Brian Honorable basically says the biggest difference between this tablet and the Kindle Fire is, well, the tablet’s battery. “The battery is actually stronger than everybody else out there on the market.”

This is why Android tablets just suck – it’s these that just give it a bad taste in consumer mouths.

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