Things Found on Etsy: River Song's TARDIS Journal

Things Found on Etsy: River Song's TARDIS Journal

Another day, another thing found on Etsy – the home of the handmade, the vintage and predominantly very geeky. And today, this might be essential for any Doctor Who fan. It is River Song’s Journal from Doctor Who. We would tell you what is inside, but spoilers!

Actually, there’s nothing inside it. It is like any other blank journal for you to write your own thoughts. The journal has 50 pages – granted it isn’t a lot, but remember it is handmade.

The seller says that she tried to make it as close to the actual prop, and has been made entirely from recycled cardboard. The cover has been handpainted and the pages have been coloured with coffee to give it that slightly worn-out look.

It costs 25EUR (which is, at the time of writing, around $31-$32 AUD), plus shipping costs of 12EUR to get it to Australia. Again, it is handmade and made to order, with the seller noting that it does take her about two weeks to make it. You should order it now, or discuss with the seller a date if you want it before Christmas.

You can order it here.


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