Things Found on Etsy: Hogwarts 16oz Glasses

Things Found on Etsy: Hogwarts 16oz Glasses

In the past, we’ve covered some things found on Etsy – that little website that lets creators sell their goods, and many of them are usually very geeky. I’ve decided to bring it back a tad bit, since we haven’t been emphasising much on the geek part of the website. And what a way to bring it back with some Hogwarts glasses.

These 16oz pint glasses each have a sandblasted etch of the crest of each house of Hogwarts; and each glass is made by hand – so it does take a while for it to be sent to you. According to the creator, geekyglassware, they are also dishwasher safe and you can personalise it for just 50c per glass.

The set of four glasses cost US$32, plus shipping. Australian shipping isn’t specific, but the creator will quote you the price. If you are in the US, it’s an additional US$12.

> via Etsy

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