Things Found on Etsy: Companion Cube Ceramic Coin Bank

Things Found on Etsy: Companion Cube Ceramic Coin Bank

Another week, another thing found on Etsy. Basically, for those not in the know, this is a semi-regular feature we have on the site to find the weird, geeky and wonderful products on Etsy, a community for artistic people to sell their own hand-made goods. And this time, we’re going for one of the most popular objects in one of the most popular games ever made – the Companion Cube.

This Companion Cube is a coin bank and is created by Rebekka Ferbrache. According to the product description, it has been created with painstaking detail; and made from 59 hand-cut pieces of clay, and stoneware ceramic. Being handmade, it does take ten weeks to make – especially, as Ferbache notes, that it is because of the high order volumes she has received.

So, if you want to get this for someone for Christmas, it is best to order now. The Companion Cube Coin Bank costs US$75, in addition to delivery charges. If you want to get this to Australia, do take into account the US$22 delivery fee.

And of course, if a Companion Cube is not your thing, Ferbrache does make other goods as well. For example, a TARDIS Coin Bank or a Cookie Jar (where you can store your Jammie Dodgers).

via Etsy

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