Things Found on Etsy: A Star Trek-inspired Nerf Gun

Things Found on Etsy: A Star Trek-inspired Nerf Gun

Oh, we’re back. Here’s another thing we found on Etsy – an online marketplace filled with the handmade, the niche and vintage. This time, it’s a Nerf gun. But it isn’t just any Nerf gun, it’s a Type 3-A Phaser Rifle from Star Trek Nerf gun.

Apologies for any Star Trek fans, but I haven’t seen the series so I have no idea what that basically is, but I’m assuming it. But the seller, Matthew Dobson from Tasmania, has modified the Nerf gun to remove the air restrictor, changed the battery tray with a 12V rechargeable battery pack and increased the rate of fire from 144RPM to around 240RPM.

It also includes LED lights – four blue lights in the barrel and an orange one in the iron sight. They are activated by a discrete switch on the underside.

It does set you back AU$150, plus $20 delivery if you are in Australia ($55 elsewhere) and according to the page, there is one on sale at the moment. It is a bit pricey, but if you hint at it enough to your parents/partner/husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend then you might get it for Christmas.

(Of course, you should do it now. It is of course handmade, and as such does take a while to get produced and shipped. You do want it for Christmas after all, right?)

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