The PAX Australia Guide to Melbourne: Part 3 - Before the Event

The PAX Australia Guide to Melbourne: Part 3 - Before the Event


In less than 24 hours, PAX Australia kicks off in Melbourne at the Showgrounds. We’re all excited and we know that those who managed to score a ticket are excited too. As the countdown clock ticks down from days to just hours now, in our final guide is what to do before so you are prepared for the show.

Get the Guidebook

Make sure you download the Guidebook for PAX Australia so you can be kept up to date with the latest changes, any events that are happening and find your way around the Melbourne Showgrounds. There is also a minigame where you can win a prize if you can guess the special phrase in the app. The Guidebook app is available on iOS and Android, with a mobile-optimised website for BlackBerry.

So what about you Windows Phone users? Officially, you will have to use the Guidebook mobile website. Unofficially, you can download a third-party PAX Digital Assistant – which has been updated for PAX Australia. It includes the maps, event schedule, and handy links to public transportation information. You can download it from the Windows Phone store.

Pick the Panels you want to see

If you’re planning to go and see some panels (e.g. the Rooster Teeth panel), make sure you know what time they start and where they are located at PAX Australia. As well, make sure you get there at least 30 minutes before its scheduled start for some of the bigger panels so you don’t miss out in getting a seat.

If you’re planning to go to PAX Australia on a Friday, and happen to not be going to the Halfbrick event or the Keynote – you could always go to this other panel hosted by my good friends over at Reckoner.

Bring an umbrella with you, always

Melbourne is notoriously known to have unpredictable weather where you could have sun for the first few hours of the day and rain in the next (or vice versa). So you should consider bringing an umbrella with you – I suggest buying one of those small popup ones so you can stuff it in your bag. You might not need it while you’re on the show floor, but you possibly will need it when you enter and leave the Showgrounds.

The weather reports say there could be some showers developing, but not outright rain. But like I said, Melbourne’s weather is pretty unpredictable.

Know the rules

PAX Australia, like all other PAX events, follow six rules:

  1. Drugs are bad.
  2. Don’t steal.
  3. Don’t punch or kick people.
  4. No cheating.
  5. Don’t harass anyone.
  6. Don’t mess with things that aren’t yours.

If you are planning on cosplaying, do bear in mind that your prop gun or weapon will need to be inspected and approved by the info desk. It must not fire any sort of projectile (even a Nerf gun), be an airsock weapon, must not look like a firearm at “second glance”, and cannot be sharp or pointy enough to pierce something when moderate pressure is applied.

Read more, via the PAX Australia FAQs.

Get on Twitter and Follow @PAXAus_Lines

Make sure you follow the Twitter account @PAXAus_Lines, if you haven’t already. This little Twitter account will keep you updated on the current status of lines for events – especially for panels. Here’s my little helpful tip – make sure you get there at least 30 minutes early for big panels. Otherwise, you’ll not be able to attend.

And while you’re at Twitter, make sure you follow @PAXAus for latest updates on the show floor; and us (TechGeek) on @techgeekcomau – we’ll be on the showfloor writing about what’s happening on the show floor.

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