The LEGO Movie teaser trailer comes out - with Batman

The LEGO Movie teaser trailer comes out - with Batman


And just when you thought Hollywood was running out of ideas for movies (I mean, they did make a movie based on Battleship – the board game), a new teaser trailer has been released for The LEGO Movie. Yes, that’s right. They are making a movie about LEGO.

This feels sort of like a Kingdom Hearts-esque movie because it is essentially combining characters from DC Comics (which is owned by Warner Bros) and LEGO themed sets such as City and Space – in a LEGO world. I mean, come on, there’s freaking Batman as a main character (voiced by Will Arnett).

The plot is also very similar to Kingdom Hearts in that it’s basically “a hero is chosen and goes on an adventure with companions to save the world”. But then again, that’s pretty much every movie targeted for children that contains a bit of action.

It’s coming out in February next year, with voices from Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, Will Ferrell, Liam Neeson, Morgan Freeman and (as previously stated) Will Arnett. It’s being produced by the Australian animation studio Animal Logic.

Let’s just hope we’re not waiting three months after America to see if it is actually any good, or another branded-movie box office bomb.

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