'The Last Of Us', a new PS3 exclusive, to be revealed at the Spike TV VGAs

'The Last Of Us', a new PS3 exclusive, to be revealed at the Spike TV VGAs

A new PlayStation 3 exclusive has been revealed, in a very non-description nature, with a single screenshot, barely related video and a date where more details will hopefully come.

The Last Of Us, as it’s called, will be shown at the Spike TV Video Game Awards on the 8th of December and until then all we have is a screenshot of a lush rainforest which looks very nice, apart from the fact that it reveals nothing about the game.

Another screenshot, which is a little more revealing, shows the frontpage of a newspaper stuck in a rusty newspaper dispenser. The headline is, unsurprisingly, “THE LAST OF US.” and to the right the page has a picture of a US president. Below that is a caption which says “Our union remains strong… The military is mounting large guns and securing additional quarantine zones. This is our turning point. We can not and will not become the last of us. Mankind will prevail.” It also says that “MILLIONS MORE ARE FEARED DEAD OR INFECTED,” leaving the speculating video game public to believe it is a post apocalyptic horror game with a different kind of setting when compared to, say, Fallout.

A video has also been released which shows an ant and has literally been taken from the BBC documentary Planet Earth. It ends, however, with a cranking noise, a panting person and then a scream of some kind of creature, person or some other apocalyptic figure.

As before, more details are probably going to leak before the big announcement, so stay tuned for more details on the new game right here on techgeek.com.au or check out the teaser site here for yourself.

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