The JBL Quantum 600 review you need to read

The JBL Quantum 600 review you need to read

Today JBL announced that it is bringing their huge and diverse Quantum range to Australia. We’ve been given a JBL Quantum 600 to trial and give an honest review for you. Here’s what we thought.

Who is this for?

The Quantum 600 is a wireless gaming headset that is clearly aimed at gamers – it can obviously be used for other things too, such as online meetings (that our current world is embracing), and general use.

Although the Quantum 600 works great for PC Gamers through a simple plug-and-play USB Dongle, you can actually plug that USB dongle straight into your PlayStation 4, or Xbox One. Don’t fear Nintendo Switch players, you can still use the headphone jack as required too.

It’s embracing the future of gaming

You’ll find the power switch is housed in the cup of the right ear as expected. However, without cables in your way anymore, the volume and microphone controls are in the cup of the left ear. Farewell, cables!

Excitingly, the Quantum 600 includes a USB-C cable to charge, as USB-A (the port type you’re probably used to dealing with) is being slowly phased out in favour of USB-C, due to its reversibility and other perks. You’re set for the future here. Well done JBL on that choice!

The Quantum Engine

The Quantum Engine software that comes along with your Quantum products is really cool. You can modify a range of settings, like the sound field (DTS, JBL’s Quantum surround), microphone and chat levels, and make changes to the RGB lighting on your headset, with a decent amount of power over the patterns and colour cycles.

Although, on the console, you have no control of the colours (not a big deal) or the sound options – you have to make do whatever the game supports. But most of the time, it’s fine.

Let’s talk about sound

We expected nothing less from JBL. The sound is great, the headphones offer DTS surround sound and 7.1 audio. I was really amazed at how great these sounded. The JBL QuantumSURROUND sound is said to replicate a wider, more realistic spatial environment.

The microphone also comes with a voice focus feature. Yeah, the headphone has multiple audio input channels so you can put voice chat through a different channel, and when they speak, you will find yourself having much clearer communication with other players.

The ear cups offer a little bit of noise-cancelling, but nothing too dramatic. We can find padding on the ear cups and headband which makes the headset quite nice to wear, you can enjoy this over 14 hours of battery life, or around 9 hours if you leave the RGB lights on.

Bottom Line

If you’re not surprised here, I don’t blame you. JBL has given us yet another quality product to enjoy. JBL Quantum 600 will be available exclusively from JB Hi-Fi for $229.95, which is a great price for the quality you get.

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