The Golden Ticket of Joost

Joost… that new service by those guys who created Skype, before selling it to E-Bay. Well, beta testing is one of the geek’s passion and dreams. But Joost decided to use it as marketing. Terence Huynh writes…

OK… this is getting really ridiculous. I’m promised to get on that beta. That promise was made on the 15th of March, now it’s nearly a month… and where’s my bloody invite. I’m now forced to do what millions and millions of geeks, nerds, fanboys, fangirls and just plain mental users… Beg.

I know… so low of me. But yes, you can get a ticket of Joost… by searching Google. Typing up the keywords ‘joost invites’ brings up 278,000 results. Times that by 5 invites for every beta tester to share… That’s 1,390,000 invites that are sent… and those people will send their 5 invites, and those people will send their 5 invites, etc.

You got to hand it to those folks over in Joost land. Making a beta so restrictive, but so popular… that’s a good way to market it yourselves… even though in Australia, we don’t get all of those ‘channels’ you get in Europe or America. That marketing has help it’s growth… and it’s mentioned on blogs, podcasts, vodcasts, etc. (For example… THIS BLOG POST).

So this is how the marketing goes…

  • You are accepted to the beta list [The exclusive ‘A’ List of Joost land]
  • You go to your blog and promote it so much that you give it to strangers…
  • Those 5 people get 5 invites each after being accepted [25 invites in total]
  • Repeat process…

But still, nobody couldn’t saw this opportunity to make it popular…

Joost Invites are almost bare… and I’m still waiting for my application to be accepted. Unlike some people who want it now, I’m waiting patiently. I’m still tempted to go and get one… but most of them will be gone.

So, one person on the CNET forums organized a ‘Joost Invites’ trading system… This allows users to users to get an invite, but they must use their 5 invites to help the process move quicker… that’s great. You Rich Bastards!!!!

Joost… I like the way your application works, but your beta restrictiveness [Is that even a word?] is dumb… But I’ll let it slide if I GET MY BLOODY INVITE NOW!!!!!

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