The Force is strong in Rural France

Clearly all is not well in the far reaches of the Republic, as this epic duel in rural France will attest to.  While details are barely filtering through, it appears that this small out-post and its inhabitants are forced to defend themselves from an invading menace, clearly seen to be blocking vital trade routes, most likely as part of some sort of diabolical plan which has no doubt been concucted by a corrupt member of the Senate working under the influence of a shady Dark Lord somewhere out in the galaxy.

Well that’s my geeked-out version anyway.

In reality, someone has taken this three year old YouTube video of some French men clearly upset about the presense of a farmers tractor in the middle of the town, and added some fancy lightsaber effects and sounds turning this mundaine stick-fight into a battle for the ages.  Sure it’s no Obi Wan v Darth Maul, but with background music like this, it’s still pretty epic.


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