The Briefing 11: For The Week Ending October 13, 2012

The Briefing 11: For The Week Ending October 13, 2012

This is The Briefing, a ten-minute-or-less podcast of tech news, for the week ending October 13, 2012. In this edition: Cisco has cut ties with ZTE after selling to Iran, Google might face a Microsoft-style antitrust suit and when will the iPad Mini will be released?

For those who missed out what The Briefing is, here’s a blog post explaining the show. Feel free to offer any suggestions, improvements and constructive criticism for our new show. We try to focus on get some of the stories that should be important, but of course – if you want us to cover more of something, or less, do tell us.

Host: Terence Huynh
Length: 6:11


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