The Australian Government just ordered ISPs to block 86 more websites

The Australian Government just ordered ISPs to block 86 more websites

A Federal Court judge just ordered Australian internet service providers to block access to an 86 piracy-focused websites and has also introduced a whole new process that may result in those sites being reblocked more quickly if they change their name or web address, a common technique used by these bandits.

During COVID-19 Australian Piracy has been on the rise, especially with the closure of cinemas, and production companies are surely sick of it by now. An on-going battle that started in 2015, a new case was started in December 2019 and an initial judgement was handed down in April 2020 to get these websites blocked. By the end of this month, all these websites will be inaccessible because of your ISP.

In an effort to make amending the list of sites to be blocked quicker and less expensive – they paid $50 per domain – the judge has also introduced a new procedure where the production companies can contact the ISPs directly in the event that a blocked piracy site re-emerges under a new name or address and request the new URL to also be blocked.

Unless the ISPs object, they will be obliged to block the additional URLs. Should the ISP object without reasonable cause, they will most likely be penalised.

What websites have the Australian Government just blocked?

Heres the full list, excluding their additional domains. This can be seen as a downfall, as the filters have proven in the past to be quite easy to bypass, and they’ve just released the full list of piracy-based websites.

TechGeek does not endorse this list and is public knowledge, you can view the entire judgement online here.

  • mrunlock
  • nocensor
  • unblockproject
  • 123unblock
  • prox4u
  • prostylex
  • katcr
  • kikass torrents
  • ibit
  • onionplay
  • p30download
  • torrentquest
  • rutor
  • btbtdy
  • lookmovie
  • 037hdd
  • cuevana3
  • exsite24
  • downduck
  • downloadha
  • emotionvideo-tv
  • movieon21
  • modufree
  • phim33
  • tfpdl
  • tvsubtitles
  • msubs
  • dytt series
  • ttdytt
  • fast-torrent
  • heroturko
  • imovies
  • getpopcorntime
  • toxicwap
  • english-films
  • topeuropix
  • poseidonhd
  • anakbnet
  • moviesjoy
  • filmlicious
  • proxybit
  • solar movie
  • yifyddl / yify
  • ytsdownload
  • movie4k
  • fmovies
  • 5movies
  • couchtuner
  • 1watchfree
  • putlocker
  • zmz2019
  • m4ufree
  • them4ufree
  • projectfreetv
  • yesmovies
  • 99kubo
  • cayphim
  • dramacool
  • gimy
  • kenh88
  • yeuphimmoi
  • Anime-sharing
  • Tokyotosho
  • animetosho
  • animebam
  • animelon
  • animejolt
  • project-gxs
  • eyeonanime
  • animehd47
  • animereborn

You can find the full list and additional domains in the Judgement.

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