TG1K : reaches 1,000+ posts

After over 1 year, with five redesigns and additional members of contributors and staff; has made it past the 1,000+ posts mark. From daily news to tips and tutorials – we are slowly building up and also getting praise for our designs and also for our content.

But it would not be a celebration without a special recollection of our favourite posts:

Idiot buys US$999 iPhone app, tries to get his money back (08/08/2008) – This has to be one of the most hilarious things that has happened this year alone. I mean, why would you buy a $999 iPhone application – or in his case, stupid enough to ‘joking’ clicked on the buy link.

Major Outage in QLD (15/07/08) – Optus made a big screw up after an outage in one of its exchanges crashed and caused the entire telecommunications network in Queensland to fail. This is one of Stewart’s favourite posts.

Google’s April Fools Joke! (01/04/07 – in the US) – Google’s April Fools Joke about a internet connection made from your toilet. Now that’s innovation!

Late Night Screw Up! (28/06/08) – Optus screws up my internet usage meter, and who better to report the screw up is Stewart Wilson.

Apple offers TV Shows on iTunes – Finally! (24/06/08) – Apple finally makes a move to bring television shows to Australian viewers. Too bad we had to spoil on their parade.

Our Entire Election 2007 Coverage (24/11/07) – Kevin Rudd v. John Howard. Who would win? Covered on TECHGEEK and Twitter, it brought some new found respect on our part. Now only if we had those laptops…

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