Tetris Ultimate is still a busted piece of crap, but Ubisoft are releasing DLC first

Tetris Ultimate is still a busted piece of crap, but Ubisoft are releasing DLC first


You’d think Tetris would be a pretty simple game to develop for current-gen game consoles, and yet, in 2014, Ubisoft shipped a busted piece of crap they ironically call ‘Tetris Ultimate’. Yeah, right.

While I’m not sure about the stability of the Xbox One version, on the PS4, the game still crashes upon boot for me, even after their latest patch, requiring me to turn off my network connection to even play the game. Elsewhere I’ve seen it crash mid-game. Reminder: This is Mother. Freaking. Tetris. On a PS4.

Though thankfully, Ubisoft have today announced that they’re fixing nothing, and that they’ve instead put their resources into charging players for more game modes. Yay. Another $10.45 pls.

Here’s how Ubisoft describes their slap in the face:

The Challenge Pack contains three new modes that can be played solo or with friends for even more exciting ways to test one’s resilience:

Time’s Up – With only 30 seconds to spare, race against the clock and get rewarded with extra time when lines are cleared.

Landslide – The speed and amount of blocks increase as the game level increases, and carefully organised stacks are jeopardised when random Tetriminos appear in your Matrix every 10 turns.

Haunted – In this intense mode, the Tetriminos at the bottom of the Matrix become invisible as the game levels up.

Don’t buy it.

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