Telstra to provide free calls to Gaza Strip

Telstra has said that it will make all calls made to the Gaza Strip between January 7 to 15 free as the ongoing fighting between Hamas and the Israeli forces continue, and families fear for their relatives safety during the conflict. All calls must be made with the 0011 970 8 prefix.

"Telstra customers in Australia will be able to call free of charge from their home phones to check on the wellbeing of immediate family members in the Gaza area,” CEO Sol Trujillo said today.

However, this could be potentially be in vain as the Israeli attacks have crippled the telecommunication network; with the main phone company, Patel Group, warning that 90 percent of the mobile network has been crippled, and several phone lines have been damaged.

Staff from the company have either died or have been injured during the conflict; including “three technicians in the attacks,” according to the group.

Telstra is warning that you should make your calls as brief as possible because of the damaged network.

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