Telstra to increase 4G speeds with CAT4 devices

Telstra to increase 4G speeds with CAT4 devices


Telstra is preparing to launch new devices which take advantage of increased 4G/LTE speeds. Telstra is introducing new Category 4 (CAT4) devices to their line up: a WiFi hotspot and a handset. Currently Telstra 4G customers can achieve 2Mbps to 40Mbps download speeds (with CAT3 devices). CAT4 devices will allow 4G customers to experience a peak download rate of 100Mbps – a huge improvement.

“In our laboratory testing for the new CAT4 devices, we have seen peak device speeds of well over 100 Mbps. So far in live field trials in Perth and Esperance where we have 20MHz of contiguous spectrum, we’ve seen device speeds of over 90Mbps” said Mike Wright, Executive Director of Networks & Access Technologies. “Increased speed also increases capacity because it means that more of our customers can be on the network at one time, and each will have the speeds to support what they are doing.”

Wright said that many users won’t experience (or notice) faster speeds at all but the introduction of CAT4 will free up network capacity as data will flow faster.

Telstra staff mentioned in a comment reply that CAT4 devices will be stocked in Telstra stores by the end of this financial year.

Source: Telstra Exchange

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