Telstra in talks with Google to launch Chromecast in Australia

Telstra in talks with Google to launch Chromecast in Australia

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Telstra is reportedly in “secret talks” with Google that would see the Chromecast dongles – the search engine’s cheap streaming device that can be plugged into any television set through a HDMI port – officially available in Australia, according to a report.

We say officially because there are many ways to get the Chromecast in Australia – though many of the services won’t work without the help of a VPN. Eager customers can import the Chromecast through a US shipping forwarder, or through Fishpond for $60.

According to The Australian, the telco have let engineers play around with the Chromecast last year and are working with Google to bring its properties onto the device. This could include Bigpond movies, and coverage of AFL and NRL games as Telstra have digital rights for both codes. In the United States, Hulu Plus, Netflix, Pandora, and HBO GO are the only non-Google services available on Chromecast – but, with the exception of Pandora, they are all US only.

Telstra also plans to sell the device around the same price as the United States, where the device costs US$35.

And of course, Telstra and Google have refused to comment on the story from The Australian.

via Business Spectator

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