Telstra suffers nationwide outage

Telstra suffers nationwide outage

If you haven’t noticed already, your internet may be down or working very slowly. This is due to a nationwide outage that Telstra is currently having – the cause is still unknown but services are slowly returning. The outage began at around 1.50PM Sydney time today and Telstra customers where without internet access for 45 minutes.

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Users of Telstra have expressed their frustration on Whirlpool saying that their service is offline. Customers from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth and Adelaide lost their ADSL, NextG and Business Services. Also, customers of iiNet, Dodo and many other ISP’s where effected by the outage.

Dodo was the cause

According to SMH, Dodo was the cause of the Telstra outage. Dodo’s Cheif has told SMH: “What it looks like has happened … is a very minor hardware failure on one of the routers that has caused some big issues between ourselves and Telstra and had a flow on effect to others which it absolutely shouldn’t have,”

Information regarding Dodo’s involvement with the outage first appeared on the Australian Network Operators Group (AUSNog) forum (link here) which then made it’s way to Whirlpool (see above).

Telstra are investigating why the issue actually occurred.

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