Telstra: Shared Data Plans are not long away

Telstra: Shared Data Plans are not long away


Back in April, Telstra said they’ll start making Shared Data Plans available for consumers. Meaning you could share your data limit between your phone, your tablet and your laptop (or hotspot). Certainly a very handy feature for those with multiple devices or a single data cap for a family. When this was announced, we were told that we’d hear something “in the next few months”. Months have gone by but still no word from Telstra on availability.

During a Live Blog today with Telstra’s Consumer Sales and Service, Karsten Wildberger, I’d thought it would be a good idea to ask about when this service would be available. Wildberger’s answer was that it’s not far away. Which is a great sign. The screenshot of the response is below.


Will you be taking advantage of this service? Let us know in the comments.

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