Telstra reveals iPad data pricing: $20 for 1GB, $30 for 3GB

Telstra reveals iPad data pricing: $20 for 1GB, $30 for 3GB

Out the door first with their pricing is Telstra, announcing its pricing for data pricing for the iPad 3G – but what is even better is that it’s effectively pre-paid, meaning that you do not have to be tied to the contract (which also sadly means that you would have to pay the iPad 3G model full price).

Pricing starts at $20 for 1GB, while 3GB will set you back $30, and 6GB is $60. $80 will let you use 9GB of data, while the highest plan – 12GB of data – will cost $100. All plans expire in 30 days.

Since its pre-paid, you can recharge your account using BPay, or visiting Telstra, Australia Post and major retailers like Target, Big W and K-Mart. If you haven’t got a pre-paid account with Telstra, there will also be a kit that will set you up with 1GB of data, or 2GB of data if you activate the kit by 30 June. You will find the pre-paid kit in selected partner stores and most Telstra Stores.

Don’t forget, the iPad comes out on May 28.

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