Telstra restructures BigPond, splits it in three

Telstra has unexpectedly split BigPond into three different areas, with Operations Chief Greg Winn taking over BigPond’s residential internet services, and Consumer Chief David Moffatt taking over the retail and marketing activities for the internet service provider.

The final piece, and the most crucial, will see all of its online content properties being now tilted Telstra Media, with former BigPond chief Justin Milne being general manager. This will also see a leap forward in the telco’s plans to become one of the largest media companies in Australia.

Over the past six years, it has managed to gain in market share (from 37 percent to 49 percent). This is mainly due to Telstra’s efforts of bringing more online content to many of its customers. The current stable of sites includes the official sites of AFL, V8 Supercars and NFL, downloadable music and movies, online games and mobile content. As well, they are also “unmetered” sites – meaning not counted in the usage meter – to Telstra customers.

While this forms part of Telstra’s plan of restructuring the company, it comes after the news that it will cull between 800 and 900 jobs at the company.

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