Telstra introduces "no lock-in" mobile plans, data sharing plans coming soon

Telstra introduces "no lock-in" mobile plans, data sharing plans coming soon


Telstra has announced some new changes to their mobile plans – with the addition of no-contract plans (following Optus’ move) with the same value as their contract plans, and the introduction of data sharing plans so you can share your data cap with multiple devices.

The “No Lock-In Plans” will start at $60/month and will include 1GB of data, unlimited SMS messages and $600 of included voice and MMS value. Then it increases to $80/month for 1.5GB of data and $800 included voice and MMS value; $100/month for 2GB and $900; and $130/month for 3GB of data and unlimited SMS, voice and MMS.

Telstra is also offering 1GB of data per month for the rest of the life of the plan if you sign up before July 1 – meaning that, in effect, you get 2GB of data for $60/month. The plans become active from April 23.


They have also announced that they will launch soon data sharing plans where you will have one account with one data cap, but can be used by multiple devices such as your phone, tablet and a 4G hotspot.

“We believe these plans will be perfect for people who want to streamline and make the most of the data they pay for, without complication,” according to Telstra’s Anthea Roberts on the Telstra Exchange blog.

They say that they will release more information in the next few months.

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