Telstra gets Nokia Lumia 920, Vodafone and Optus share Lumia 820

Telstra gets Nokia Lumia 920, Vodafone and Optus share Lumia 820

Telstra has scored a major coup for their 4G network with the announcement that Nokia will be selling the Lumia 920 on its network. Also announced was that Optus and Vodafone will gain the rights to sell the lower-end Lumia 820.

The Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 both support 4G LTE, so it is expected that Optus will sell this phone with its own 4G network that is slowly rolling out in the capital cities. It already has a presence in Sydney, Newcastle and Melbourne. It is, however, understandable why Telstra was chosen to sell the Lumia 920 – its 4G LTE network footprint is by far the largest currently.

That being said, it is a starkly different plan with Nokia – whose phones have always had support from all three carriers for its smartphones. It is probably because the flagship phone for Windows Phone 8 is not the Lumia 920, but the Windows Phone 8X by HTC (and expect the latter to be carried by all carriers).

Nokia has confirmed that the pricing and availability of the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 will be announced by the end of October – so, keep your eyes on us for more information.

Edit: the story previously said that the Lumia 920 was an exclusive device to Telstra. That information was incorrect.

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