Telstra ditches email service, moves to Windows Live

Telstra ditches email service, moves to Windows Live

BigPond has announced that it will soon switch off its own email service – BigPond Email – and will be migrating its customers to Windows Live. All new customers connected on or after today will be using the new service, with other customers expected to upgraded sometime during 2012.

This will also mean BigPond customers will have access to other Windows Live services such as SkyDrive, Messenger and Office Web Apps via SkyDrive – and the other lesser known services which you also get via Windows Live Essentials.

Why? No idea, but it is most likely a cost-cutting measure since they can now offload all email handling to Microsoft.

And if you are worried about losing any emails, Telstra has reassured that users that you will not lose them, nor your contacts or calendars.

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