Telstra attempting live interstate hologram? is reporting that Telstra will attempt an Australian first by beaming a live hologram from Melbourne to Adelaide tomorrow morning.

The telco giant has claimed that the hologram will reproduce a real-time image of its CTO Dr. Hugh Bradlow as he gives a talk in Melbourne. It is hoping to wow its business audience in Adelaide to show its broadband network’s data capacity.

The media release, issued today, did not detail the technology.

Despite holograms have been developed over 50 years ago, they were static (non-moving) and dynamic, or motion, holograms are still relatively new. Holograms use three lasers and a photosensitive screen to capture light waves and interference.

It then creates a three-dimensional image of the person in mid-air.

It will present a real-time media conference with the hologram following the event.

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